My Parenting Articles in KC Parent

Here are the links and brief descriptions for previous parenting articles of mine that were published in Kansas City Parent and Kansas City Baby Magazine:

Raising Bilingual Children – Why bilingual (or multilingual) learning is good for your children, and tips on how to achieve it.

Pacifiers and Thumbs: Tips on When and How to Wean – Pros and cons of pacifiers and thumb sucking plus valuable tips and tricks on why, when, and how to wean your child from either habit.

Home Alone: Ready or Not – How to decide if your child is ready to stay home alone.

Pennies for Peace – Local school children become philanthropists, one penny at a time, based on Greg Mortenson’s bestselling book, Three Cups of Tea.

Do 30 extra points really pay off on the SAT? – Discusses college admissions requirements, prep courses, and how to help your child prepare for the SAT and ACT tests. (this article won a Parenting Publications of America silver award for Investigative Reporting in 2009)

“I’m so angry!” – Helping children (and parents) to deal with anger effectively.

Raising Entitled Kids: Do our kids need so many things? – A look at ways to keep our kids grounded in the era of instant gratification and endless privileges.

Making Holiday Memories – If you know me you will realize it’s very ironic for me to have written this, being such a holiday hater! But they asked, and I wrote…

Should my child take honors classes? – Benefits and challenges of enrolling your child in middle and high school honors classes in the American education system.

College Financial Aid – What savvy parents and their teens need to know about the college financial aid application process.

Little ways to let go – When and how to start letting go to foster independence in your child and equip them well for the teenage years and adulthood.


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